While surfing the internet I couldn't catch a glimpse of Lithuanian blogs. And frankly speaking I was more than amazed!!!

As I wrote yesterday, starting this blog is definately a challange for me. But after reading the blog '52 skanios savaites' (52 tasty weeks), I decided to join one more challange! This week's challange is COFFEE!!!

As this month my focus is on Italian cuisine, the recipe I decided to try is called Amaretto Cafi (

What we need:

a cup of coffee ( I used expresso)

1 spoon of Amaretto ( I used coffee liquer)

wipped cream


1. Make a cup of coffee

2. Pour the liquer into the cup or a serving glass and stir in.

3.  Top the coffee with wipped cream and sprinkle some cinammon on the top ( or you can decorate with cherry if you used cherry amaretto).

4. Sit into a comfortable armchair and enjoy the moment!!!


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