Fish for Saturday dinner with rocket salad

At least once a week  we have fish dinner.  Last week it was on Saturday.  My husband brought about 2 kg of seabass ( tr. levrek) and suddenly I got an idea to make it  with a touch of Thai spices, especially with a lot of ginger and nutmeg.

What we need:


grated ginger

salt and pepper


soya souce

lemon juice

What we have to do:

1. Clean the fish. Take out the main bone ( but it's up to you!).

2. Season the fish with salt and pepper, ginger, nutmeg. Add soya souce and lemon juice. Let it sit for an hour.

3. Heat the grill. Add the fish fillet when it's hot. Sprinkle some olive oil. If you are using fillet, put the skin side first and leave it for 6 min and only then turn. Cook for 5 min on the other side. Don't grill for too long because it may become dry and tasteless.

4. Serve with rocket salad or any other green salad.


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