Italian cuisine

I believe that you won't find a single person who hasn't heard about Italian cuisine. What amazes me most is the Italian eating culture! How complex and vibrant it is! 

What is a traditional Italian dinner? It starts with a little bit of 'booze' as one of my favourite chefs Jemie Oliver would say. Aperitifs include well-known Italian drinks such as compari, cinzano or my favourite vermouth and so on. What follows is a hot or cold apetizer and then a dish with Italian pasta or gnocci or any of amazing Italian soups. The second course generally consists of fish or meat dish which is served with fresh or cooked vegetable salads as side dishes. Then it's time for a lovely Italian dessert with fruits and cakes or cookies. All this is finished with one more 'digestive' drink like grappa, nocino, sambuca, etc.

My this week's resolution is to make one Italian dish that I have never tasted before. Any ideas? Keep on surfing...


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