Off we go!!!

Hi, it's been long since my first thought about posting my blog, however good things need time before they turn into something real. Anyway, as my friend told me not long ago, everything starts from a thought...
Let's start from something sweet... tiramisu... I have never met anyone who doesn't like it... but a number of people who think it's terribly difficult to make! No way!!!

We need:

1 package of lady fingers ( cute finger-shaped biscuits)
2 cups of expresso with a drop of rum or brandy ( I always like a bit of a kick in Italian desserts)
3 table spoons of cacoa or grated chocolate for decoration.
200 gr of mascapone cheese
3 egg yoks
3 table spoons of sugar
a few drops of vanilla
3 table spoons of sweet wine

1. Wisk the mascapone cheese and set aside.
2. Put the egg yoks, sugar and wine into a bowl above the pot with boiling water. Wisk until the cream doubles.
3. Pour the egg cream into mascapone cheese and mix it slowly.
4. Take the lady fingers and give them a bath in expresso and quickly put them in a serving dish next to each other. 
5. Cover the cream over the fingers.
6. Repeat the second layer of lady fingers bathed in coffee.
7. Put the rest of the cream on the top. And let it rest in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours. 
8. If you want, you can add wipped cream over the mascapone cream ( but I never do that... )
9. Decorate the tiramisu with cacoa or grated chocolate!!! Enjoy!!!


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