Makizushi rolls

Makizushi roll is one of my favourite type of sushi and really the easiest to make. Even if you fail to make perfect sushi rice, the seaweed or nori will help to keep the shape. Sushi can be eaten either by hand or using chopsticks, although traditionally it is eaten with fingers because the rice is packed loosely so as to fall apart in your mouth, and would 'disintegrate on chopsticks'. That's why I follow the basics and prefer eating sushi with hands. :D Vasabi souce, soya souce anf pickled ginger is served together with rolls.

What we need for the simplest Makizushi:

Sheets of nori

boiled rice and mixed with 2 table spoons of rice vinegar, 1 table spoon of salt and sugar

Any ingredients you want for the inside of the suchi: raw or smoked fish, shrimps, crabstisks ( I like to use them because they are just tasty!!! ), etc.



How to make it: 

Put nori on the bamboo pad, spread the rice, add the fish, cucumber and avocado, roll it. Slice one roll into six pieces. Serve with vasabi and soya souce.

Personally, I like to roll in canned tuna mixed with onion and mayonnaise. Sorry, Japanese... But this is my favourite... :) 


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