Brownie cupcakes

Well it's too strong to say cupcakes as I  wasn't even planning to put icing on the top, as I just  used a simple brownie recipe and poured into cupcake baking tray. But these chocolate delights were really great and really diet killers! Most probably  about 1000 calories in one... The recipe was borrowed from blog 'Beatos Virtuve' 

When I made it for the first time I used a simple tray and to tell you the truth it tasted a bit better because I followed the recipe from A to Z. But this time my kitchen drawer was a bit empty ( no nuts, no white chocolate) and I really wanted to try my new baking tray. Anyway, the biggest problem was that I simple overbaked my brownies and they turned too dry. Still great!!! Next time I'll bake only for 15 min or so as 25 min was far too much when baking in a cupcake tray.

What we need:

200gr butter

300gr chocolate

2 eggs

120gr sugar

220gr flour

vanilla extract ( I used vanilla sugar)

nuts ( I used rasins this time)

white chocolate bars to put on the top ( I had none! :( )

Plus I used a tea spoon of baking powder.

What we have to do:

1. Melt chocolate and butter over a boiling pot ( in steam).

2. Whisk eggs and sugar. When chocolate with butter melts and cools a bit, add to the egg and sugar mixture.

3. Add vanilla and baking powder, nuts and flour. Mix it.

4. Pour the batter into a tray and add some broken pieces of chocolate!

5. Bake in 180C oven for 15-25 min depending what kind of tray you are using. Just don't overbake, brownies must be moist! Enjoy!!!


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