Figs with cinammon syrup


Figs were an undiscovered land for me before I moved to Turkey. Now I'm just longing for summer just to get some fresh figs in our Saturday street market... Ok, ok ... I'll tell you the truth, I don't go to the street market as it is still exotic for me because of all these shoutings screamings... However, I take the advantage of my neighbourhood supermarkets and their great variety of fruit. Last week I was missing LT so much that I needed something to remind me of it. I needed some spirit of Christmas and what kind of Christmas without cinammon. Let it be Christmas all year round... Figs with cinammon!!!

What we need:

dried figs

1 glass of water

5 tbsp of sugar

2 sticks of cinammon

2 cloves

some wallnut or almond ( optional)

What we do:

1. Wash the figs in boiled water.

2. Pour new water over the figs. Let it boil for 5 min.

3. Add sugar, cinammon and cloves. Simmer for 3 min until syrup thickens a bit.

4. Place the figs onto the plate, cut one side and stuff it with a nut. 

5. Enjoy!!! NB: It's really sweet, so you can use less sugar or eat it with icecream, i.e. take vanilla ice-cream and pour the figs with cold syrup over it.

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