Easy pineapple and cheese delight

It's time to present one more delight made out from Turkish ingredients. A quick cake which we don't even need to bake!!! It takes max 20 min to make!

What we need:

1 package of biscuits ( I used sweet and plain Ülker biscuits)

100gr of melted butter

4 table spoons of brown sugar

a can of pineapples

a pack ( 50gr) of jelatin or pineapple jelly

200ml of cream

200gr of mascapone cheese or Turkish Labne cheese

5 spoons of sugar powder

chocolate for decoration ( optional)

What we have to do:

1. Grind or break the biscuits, add 4 spoons of brown sugar ( it's just more delicious!), and butter. Mix everything into a cake tin and even it out. Put into a fridge to cool.

2. Disolve the jelatin in warm water or prepare the pineapple jelly. Grind the pineapples and mix with jelly. Pour over the biscuit pad and again put into the fridge.

3. Wisk the cream until it keeps the shape. Add the cheese and sugar powder. You can add some vanilla sugar or lemon zest ( optional but it adds a lovely flavour!).

4. Pour the cream over the cake ( pineapple layer), you can use confectionary bag to make a better shape or just even the top and decorate with chocolate flakes.

5. Leave it to cool and enjoy!!! Easy peezy... :D


  1. hello :)
    a can of pineapples - how much in grams or ml?
    1 package of biscuits - how much in grams?

  2. vai vai vai... na ir i keblia situacija dabar papuoliau, nes visada gaminu is akies, tai pirkau tokia gana didele ananasu dezute. O sausainiu pakelis toks standartinis apie 150gr. Siaip tai, jei norisi platesnio sausainiu sluoksnio galima deti daugiau! Ok! Rytoj einu i parduotuve ir viska idemiai pasiziuriu!!! :)

  3. koruklu mergyt buk gera, imesk kokio paprasto pyrago recepta (biskvitinio) tokio, kad vyras galetu kepti, nes baigia is proto isvaryti, kepa kepa vargsas, o jam kaip sukrenta taip sukrenta, nes viska is akies meta ir pyksta, kad nesigauna...


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