Leek and Carrot Stew

For a real Lithuanian this dish may look really strange as we always need a big piece of meat for dinner and vegetables are served  ( if served at all) only as a side dish! But this leek and carrot stew was a dish that after trying it I thought, ' Hmmm...!?! Tasty!?!' Currently Turkish supermarkets are loaded with leek, so time from time I really enjoy this vegetarian dish!

What we need:

0,5kg of leek

2 big carrots

3 tablespoons of rice

1 glass of water

1 table spoon of olive oil

1 table spoon of tomato paste

salt and pepper

red pepper flakes

bay leaves ( optional)

What we have to do:

1. Cut the leek and carrot into pretty big pieces.

2. Preheat a pot with oil and place the vegetables and add salt. 2 min later add water and rice. Let it cook for 10 min.

3. Put tomato paste, pepper and bay leaves. Simmer for 2-3 min and serve.

4. It's tasty warm and cold! It can be served as a main dish and as a side dish! How flexible it is!!! :)


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