Simple Tuna fish salad

When it's pretty cold even in Turkey, definitely it's not time for anything light but why not!!! It won't make you warm but few weeks later you'll jump with joy when trying a smaller size dress... :)

Simple Tuna fish salad:

What we need:

1 can of tuna 

several leaves of lettuce




olives ( green or black)

olive oil and lemon juice for dressing

salt and pepper


What we have to do:

1. Cut the veggies and but them into a salad bowl. 

2. Add tuna fish flakes.

3. Season with salt, pepper, oregano and add the dressing.

4. Enjoy!!!


  1. Wow! You're right. We were on the same wavelength. I could not find good tomatoes around here now so I left them out. Your salad looks great!


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