Turkish coffee for breakfast - you must be joking!!!

I took this photo while walking in a so-called Rose Park in Istanbul... but definitely not roses impressed me most but exotic birds jumping from one tree to another... The weather was really cold and I was wondering about the strange rules of nature... Without going deeper into my contemplations, I'm going to make some morning coffee. Unfortunately for me it's going to be Turkish coffee as I ran out of my Lavazza... What can I say about Turkish coffee... it's great and all the Turkish are so proud of it but this is the coffee after dinner, not the morning coffee...

If you want to make real Turkish coffee, you need special set. Here's the exact set I used myself, just my coffee cups are not that beautiful!!! :(

How to make it ( two cups):

1. Take two tea spoons of Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee ( you can order on-line or grab one while on holiday in Turkey) and put it into an Ibrik, a special coffee cezve, or any small pot and add two cubes of sugar and two serving cups of spring water. Mix it.

2. Place the Ibrik above a cooker and wait until the coffee starts bubbling. Pour into small cups and serve. Generally, Turkish coffee is served really strong and with a glass of water. Enjoy your exotic moments... and don't forget to put the coffee cup upside down when you finish it... and use your magic powers to read your fortune... :)


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