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This morning was nothing special as usual. Got out of my bed, had my breakfast, brushed my teeth.. Like in that children song that I used when teaching young learners everyday activities! In other words, really nothing special! Then I decided to read some comments posted by my blog readers and here we go: Drute asks me to give her a recipe of a simple cake or pie that her husband could bake!!! But to tell you the truth, I don't make simple things... because as Martha Stewart says, baking is a science!!! Ok, joking... about simple things... 

Drute, I sincerely promise to find something really simple so that your husband could surprise you without too much trouble! But as the problem at our home is that noone eats any sweet stuff that I make ( my husband doesn't have a sweet tooth and the rest are out of the other world!!! :D ). Well, maybe too strong... they eat brownies! So as I promised Onur to bring some sweet leftover on Friday, so I'm sure the baking masterpiece is going to be presented tomorrow! 

So how do I find new recipes? Today I started surfing the blogs of some fellows who are not professional but we share passion for cooking. By accident I came up with a blog by a Canadian with Greek origin, Peter M ( http://kalofagas.blogspot.com/). By the way, from Greek 'kalofagas' means 'gourmet'. Live and learn... So I was reading his blog and his lively comments and here's what I found: 

Many of you are witnessing the first signs of Spring...blossoming trees, green grass, wild greens growing, Morel mushrooms soon will be in season. I have yet to see any of these harbingers but I do witness birds hinting Spring is near.

I caught them doing the nasty and just look at their faces! What do you think they are saying? They have the look of just being caught...BUSTED!!!

Hilarious!!! :) Have a great day today!!!


  1. Thanks for simple brownie cake, that hopefully mu husband will not ruin while baking :)

  2. Just tell him not to open the oven while baking at least during the first 25 min!

  3. Tomorrow I'm making a brownie myself but I'll use a more complicated recipe and real white and bitter chocolate. We'll see what will happen!!! I just wonder if there's anyone who doesn't like chocolate... :)


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