Will you be my Valentine?

I can already feel the Valentine round the corner...all my gals are planning the menu, choosing presents and looking for unmentionables... The day when we can stop from being too busy and give a bit some  more of love and affection to that person next to you... Of course it's better to have or be a soulmate who knows that he/she is being loved without being told. But I like hearing those lovely world and I love sharing my love... Because as one song says...I have so much love to you... 

My husband and I have planned to go to a Japanese restaurant to try and taste something new but as usually our plans are changing every minute, so I guess I'll know just the last minute where and when and what... I'm definitely not going to cook on Saturday because I'd better spend the time preparing and treating myself... But I'm sure I'll make a dessert with strawberries and chocolate, because I think Valentine's colour is not red but chocolate!!! 


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