Sunday in Istanbul

When we woke up today, the weather was just great so without a dout we grabbed our coats and bags and went out for brunch. Here are some snaps of Istanbul, i.e. Taksim and Bakirköy in particular...

As we used public transport, the first thing we saw in Taksim was the same flower market with beautiful flowers... However, no one seemed to be interested in them today. Not even my hubby... :/

That's why we quickly turned to Istiklar square where we were greeted by a cowd of pigeons. 

Unfortunately for pigeons, we were hungry enough and couldn't spend much time with them so quickly found Simit Saray ( Simit Palace). Simit is a kind of Turkish bun with sesame seed and usually eaten for breakfast. Though Turkish eat it whenever they feel like!!!
After a nice brunch, I really wanted to have a look at Balık Pazar or Fish Market... I just wish I knew all the names of these creatures they have...
As the weather was still lifting my spirits, we decided to go to Bakirköy to look around ... well, I don't even remember when I went there last time... So we looked around pickles' heaven, found one more flower market ( with lovely tulips and daffodils... it's really spring in here), tasted wonderful baklava ( sorry, my diet!), waved to Sponge Squarepants cake, found some strange looking fruit ( and bought!) which the seller called pepino or something like that! I'll still have to google more about it... By the way, what made me laugh a lot was a label in one shopping centre 'Banana Republic'!!! Come on!!! Lithuanians say, Lithuania is BANANA REPUBLIC even if we don't grow them... :)))
Anyway, the best Sunday this spring...


  1. banana republic is a store name, it is an apperael shop for women based in usa. so it is not about republic.


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