Cream Cheese and Pudding Pie

When I read the recipe ( of this pie I was really surprised to see pudding powder as an ingredient and a very different way of making crust. So I made the pie just for mere curiosity and because I had a pack of Dr. Oetker rasin and apple flavoured gourmet pudding for more that half a year and had never any interest in using it. But the but turned out ABSOLUTELY delicious and really worth making!!! I'll definitely make it again, however, I'll try a different type of pudding... e.g. strawberry pudding or even chocolate... ehh... dreaming too much again... :D

What we need:

for crust:

300gr of flour

200gr of unsalted butter

1 teaspoon of salt and sugar

1 table spoon of milk or cream

for filling:

400gr of cream cheese ( tr. krem peynir)

1 pack of pudding ( originally it was vanilla pudding but I used rasin and apple pudding)

200gr of sugar ( I think it was a bit too much, next time I'll use a bit less, but it's a matter of taste!)

2 eggs

2 table spoons of plain yoghurt or sour cream

What we have to do:

1. Melt butter and when it cools a bit mix it with flour, salt, sugar, milk. Knead until it forms a lump. Take one third of crust and wrap into foil and place it in a freezer. The other piece place into a fridge for 20 min.

2. Take cream cheese, 2 eggs, sugar, a pack of pudding and mix it carefully.

3. Take out the pie crust out of a fridge and roll out a pad for a pie. Add the filling. Then take the remaining crust out of a freezer, grate it and sprinkle it over the cream cheese and pudding filling.

4. Bake it for 50 min in 180C oven. Enjoy!!!


  1. Oho tai cia grozis kur man sakei is ryto... Atrodo skanestiskai.

  2. Tas pats!!!! :) Labai beja skanus!!! Ir varskes Turkiskas variantas suejo!!!

  3. Ar tu galetum man parasyt to krem peynir kur pirkai pavadinima arba firma? Bandysiu sekmadieni gaminti ir nenoreciau sugadint su netinkamu suriu. Aciu. Ruta

  4. Net neatsimenu firmos, bet tiesiog buvo parasyta krem peynir, tik nesumaisyk su kaşar krem peynir, nes ten bus kaip lydytas surelis.Gat tas mano pirktas vadinosi İçim Krem peynir.Pakelis panasus kaip ir labne peynir ir visai salia buvo.Melynas indelis.


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