I made sushi!

I always have sentiments for sushi as it always tastes better in a restaurant, but I won't give up until I make perfect ones. This time they were close to great but the soya sauce that I had bought was  far too salty and it kicked too much!!! I'll have to get Amoy sauce again. Also, I didn't have fresh fish either, so I used what I had: canned tuna and crab sticks... Another thing that has to be improved is the size... the first two rolls were proper size but the other two - far two big... What's it all about BİG!!!

What we need:

nori sheets ( dried seaweed)




rice vinegar

soya sauce


pickled ginger ( optional)



a can of tuna ( though fresh is always better!)

a pack of crab sticks

spring onion

What we have to do:

1. Wash rice 3-4 times in cold water. Then put in a bowl, pour water and boil for ten minutes, then cover with kitchen towel and a lid and leave for ten minutes again. ( 1 part of rice - 1,2 part of water)

2. Take rice vinegar put on the stove. Add salt and sugar. Let it melt, but don't boil. Let it cool. ( for 500gr of rice 5 tbsp of rice vinegar and 2 tbsp of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt).

3. Put the boiled rice into a bowl and mix carefully until it cools by slowly adding vinegar. When it cools start making the sushi rolls.

4. Take nori sheet, add a thin layer of rice ( half of the nori), add a stripe of avocado, a stick of crab stick, a stripe of cucumber and roll with the halt of bamboo pad. When rolled cut into 5-6 pieces. I made this way two sticks and onother two were with cucumber, tuna fish flakes, spring onion, avocado. 

Have a look how to make California roll uramaki. How to roll simple sushi. Enjoy!!!


  1. I lovvvvvveeeee sushi!it is easy to make and really tasty same time.

    My favorite one is with caviar and lax file!

  2. forget to write, it is good if you have Japanese Maionese, can put in a tiny line on rise :)


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