I made sushi!

I always have sentiments for sushi as it always tastes better in a restaurant, but I won't give up until I make perfect ones. This time they were close to great but the soya sauce that I had bought was  far too salty and it kicked too much!!! I'll have to get Amoy sauce again. Also, I didn't have fresh fish either, so I used what I had: canned tuna and crab sticks... Another thing that has to be improved is the size... the first two rolls were proper size but the other two - far two big... What's it all about BİG!!!

What we need:

nori sheets ( dried seaweed)




rice vinegar

soya sauce


pickled ginger ( optional)



a can of tuna ( though fresh is always better!)

a pack of crab sticks

spring onion

What we have to do:

1. Wash rice 3-4 times in cold water. Then put in a bowl, pour water and boil for ten minutes, then cover with kitchen towel and a lid and leave for ten minutes again. ( 1 part of rice - 1,2 part of water)

2. Take rice vinegar put on the stove. Add salt and sugar. Let it melt, but don't boil. Let it cool. ( for 500gr of rice 5 tbsp of rice vinegar and 2 tbsp of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt).

3. Put the boiled rice into a bowl and mix carefully until it cools by slowly adding vinegar. When it cools start making the sushi rolls.

4. Take nori sheet, add a thin layer of rice ( half of the nori), add a stripe of avocado, a stick of crab stick, a stripe of cucumber and roll with the halt of bamboo pad. When rolled cut into 5-6 pieces. I made this way two sticks and onother two were with cucumber, tuna fish flakes, spring onion, avocado. 

Have a look how to make California roll uramaki. How to roll simple sushi. Enjoy!!!

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