Mushroom and cream cheese in phyllo

I was planning to make this snack for quite a while but there was no proper occasion as I really think it's a great party food!!! However, no parties ahead ( at least this month), that's why I made it for our PARTY FOR TWO ( you know, kind of date night with a husband... :) ) This dish is perfect for crunchy food lovers, too...

What we need:

leftovers of phyllo or wonton leaves

some butter ( for brushing muffin tray)

200 gr cream cheese

salt and pepper

all spice mix ( optional - I was just experimenting, but it added great flavour)

dried or fresh thyme and rosemary

4 mushrooms ( of your choice)

1 egg

some graded gauda or any melting cheese

What we have to do:

1. Brush muffin tray with butter.

2. Cutt phyllo into little squares and place 2-3 layers in each muffin hole.

3. Cut mushrooms and mix with cream cheese and egg. Add salt and pepper, all spice, thyme and rosemary. Put a spoon of this filling into phyllo cups. ( You can add other herbs or onion)

4. Sprinkle some grated cheese on the top and bake for 25 min in 180C oven.

5. Enjoy!!!


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