Pickled beetroot

Beetroot is a red round vegetable which is very popular in Baltic and Russian cuisines. This vegetable is not just delicious by itself but it's healthy, too. Beetroot juice is appreciated for its ability to lower blood pressure and since Roman times it has been considered as an aphrodisiac. This vegetable also has many ways of preparing. In Lithuania beetroot is usually boiled and used for soups or salads, or pickled and kept for winter. However, beetroot tastes really great after being wrapped in aliuminium foil with some oil and baked in the oven. Equally delicious!

Personally I like pickled beetroot as I can keep it for as long as I want ( at least for 2 months) and I have it always by my hand and I don't need to waste time boiling or baking! My favourite beetroot pickles recipe is the way my mother makes with just boiling fresh apple juice and dumping boiled beetroot in it and boiling for 5 min and then closing the vegetable in jars. As I live in Turkey, where beetroot is not a very popular vegetable and sometimes it looks like a challange to find it in a supermarket or any street market, I prefer buying at least 2 kg of beetroot whenever I find it and making pickles! Here's how I made it today!!!

What we need:

1 kg of boiled beetroot ( just in water with a pinch of salt)

0,5 l of water

4 teaspoons of salt

4 teaspoons of white sugar

2 bay leaves

5-6 pieces of black pepper

1 tbsp of lemon salt or 4 tbsp of white vinegar ( or your favourite vinegar)

What we have to do:

1. After boiling beetroot, peel its skin and cut into pieces or just in halves ( the way you prefer).

2. Put water into a pot and leave it until it starts to boil, add salt and sugar, bay leaves and pepper. Stir until salt and sugar melts, add lemon salt or vinegar. 

3. When it starts to boil again add boiled beetroot and boil for 2-3 min. Place it in a bowl for immediate use or in jars if you wish to keep it for longer. Enjoy!!!

I'll write what I do with pickled beetroot some other lovely day!!! :)


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