Tuna fish and potato 'fingers'

Trust me, but I can't remember where I got the idea for this dish, though I read the recipe yesterday. I must have some memory problems!!! But the dish is very simple and can be eaten with fingers. 

What we need:

about 200gr canned tuna

3 medium potatoes ( boiled and mashed)

1 egg + 1 beaten egg for crumbling

salt and pepper

some fresh dill


3 tbsp of flour or starch

3-4 tbsp of bread crumbs

oil for deep frying

What we have to do:

1. Boil potatoes and mash it. When it cools, add tuna, chopped onion, dill, salt and pepper, 1 egg. You can also add some starch, but it's optional. Mix it.

2. Shape the 'fingers' or try another shape. Roll in the flour or starch, then in egg and in bread crumbs.

3. Deep fry the 'fingers' for 2-3 min. 

4. Serve. I served with fresh vegetable salad and sauce out of mayonaise, yoghurt, ketchup, salt and pepper and crushed onion.

5. Enjoy!!!


  1. Labai skanu ir greita. Vyras nemėgsta žuvies, bet šiuosp irštelius tik duok :) aš tik kapararėlių įdedu

  2. What about the sous? How did you make it?

  3. Had unexpected friend so wrote the sauce recipe just few sec ago. Simple!!! You can use any other your favourite sauce as well!


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