Cake with apple jam and chocolate topping

This cake is definitely a failure in looks but a winner in taste. I found the recipe in one of Lithuanian blog - Kepykla penki where I was amazed by photos ( Thanks Rusvaplauke for helping to find the original recipe and of course for sharing the recipe!!!), but when I started making, I noticed that something is wrong and I'm not going to get the same result. But still it tasted great, so sometimes it's good to close your eyes before taking a bite! :)

What we need:
180g flour
203gr eggs ( yes, you have to weight eggs!)
180gr butter
180gr sugar
vanilla extract

some apple marmalade or jam
chocolate for topping

What we have to do:

1. Hea eggs and sugar until 40C and beat until it doubles.

2. Mix flour and melted butter, then add eggs and sugar.

3. Spread the dough 2mm on a baking tray and bake for 4-5 min in 220C. You get 4-5 layers.

4. When baked, remove from the tray on a clean towel and let it cool.

5. Spread some apple jam over each layer and glaze the top layer with melted chocolate. Leave it for 2-3 hours and taste!!!

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  1. psssst, nežinau, ar čia radai, bet mano tinklarašty (šitas įrašas perkeltas iš senojo ( esti toksai pats receptas: ,)

    nežinau, ar per tai jį suradai, tačiau džiugu džiugu, kad patiko!!

  2. Taip taip!!! Butent tas receptas ir ta pati grazi nuotrauka!!! Gaila, kad maniskis taip graziai neatrodo!


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