Drunk figs

This recipe of figs was very popular before Christmas in many Lithuanian food blogs. But I finally made it only last week and posting only now. So if you have no problems with some strong drinks, it's a delight that you must try!!! The only thing that takes time to make the figs is that you have to keep them in brandy or whiskey ( the one you like more!) for at least a week to make figs really drunk... But after that week, it's a lazy job!

What we need:

about 500gr dried figs
300ml of brandy
300 gr of chocolate
You can add some butter to the melted chocolate if you want softer bite!

What we have to do:

1. Cut in each fig and place into a jar then pour over brandy. Close the jar and forget it for a week! Well, at least for 5 days...
2. One week later, take figs out of brandy. You can also add some nut inside a fig ( almond or wallnut). Then melt chocolate and dip each fig into the chocolate and place on a baking paper. Leave until the chocolate hardens. And finally enjoy!!!!

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