Sandwiches for Easter or when you are hungry...

Recently I got into sandwiches and as a coincidence, one Lithuanian website started My Super Sandwich competition. Therefore, without a doubt I decided to take part in it. Anyway, next week I'm going to Lithuania for my Easter holiday and it's just one more opportunity to try some sandwiches with eggs. In the photo collage you can see five sandwiches which are really good for any occasion: breakfast, party, or any time you are hungry!!!

On the top of the photo you can see a classical tuna sandwich with bread, butter, lettuce, tomato, egg, mayonaise, red onion, tuna, some parsley. On the right side you can see a really great sandwich with toasted French baget, cream cheese blended with fresh dill and parsley, salt and pepper, and garnished with radish and dill. 

On the bottom, on the left a simple triangle sandwich made of toasted bread, butter, ham, cheese, ham again, mayonaise, lettuce and butter. Decorated with cucumber and radish 'flower' and parsley. In the middle, one more triangle sandwich with fried onion and tomato, then blended with boiled egg and mayonaise. All the mix is spread between two bread triangles. On the right a great breakfast mini sandwich with toasted bread, caramelized onion, omlete, fried mushroom on top! Delicious!!!


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