Chicken and Celery Stalk Salad

Yesterday we were having Eurovision Song Contest night that's why we needed a snack... not too heavy... And again it was time for Turkish cookery magazine Lezzet... As in the last edition it has surprisingly good ideas!!! And again this snack was really delicious!!! I especially liked chicken and celery combo!!!

What we need:

4 celery stalks
2 tbps of cream cheese
3 tbps of mayonaise ( I used less)
1 tbps of lemon juice and lemon zest
2 tbps of chopped fresh parsley and dill
2 chicken breasts ( boiled or roasted... leftovers are perfect as well)
1 tbps of fresh peas, boiled
a bunch of spring onions
salt and pepper

What we have to do:

1. Cut celery stalks in 5-6 cm chunks.
2. Cut chicken meat in small pieces, put into a bowl. Add chopped parsley and dill, spring onion, boiled fresh peas.
3. In another bowl mix cream cheese, mayonaise, lemon juice, zest, salt and pepper. Mix it well and pour over chicken salad. Mix it well again.
4. Place a spoon of chicken salad onto celery stalk, garnish with fresh dill and serve!!!

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