Cold beetroot soup for a hot day!!!

If I was asked to tell the most delicious dish that we have in Lithuania, I would definitely say - it's this cold beetroot soup!!! But after moving to Turkey, some problems occured. First, it's pretty difficult to find beetroots and usually they are expensive ( compared to Lithuania), secondly, it's impossible to find sourmilk, thirdly, everyone finds this soup so strange for the pink colour, and generally they don't dare even to try! Well, my hubby was brave enough... He thinks this soup is just like Turkish Cacik ( yoghurt-cucumber-garlic-parsley- lemon-oil -water appetizer), but just pink. Anyway, it's still the most delicious thing to eat on a hot day as today!!! Summer's started in Turkey!

What we need:

2 boiled beetroots ( pickled beetroot is fine as well)
1 cucumber
some spring onions
fresh dill
1 boiled egg
500 ml of sourmilk ( I used yogurt)
300ml of milk
salt and pepper to taste
boiled new potatoes to serve with

What we have to do:

1. Cut spring onions, dill and cucumber. Mix it with salt and pepper. Add grated beetroot. Mix it again.
2. Add sourmilk and milk. Mix it.
3. Cut boiled egg and mix it in.
4. Put the soup into a fridge to cool.
5. Serve with boiled or fried new potatoes garnished with fresh dill. Enjoy!!!
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  1. I love borscht...and I bet this is fantastic, too!

  2. I think borscht is an acquired taste; my old Russian boyfriend didn't like it, even when his grandmother made it; I always did! This looks very good indeed.

  3. yummyyyyyy kaip tik saldytuve turiu, nei savaites be saltibarsciu karstomis dienomis :)


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