Grilled turkey rolls with asparagus

It's official!!! Our family has started grilling season. Well, I grilled this dish on an electical grill but this weekend I'm really looking forward to our grilling picnic. That's why I can call this dish a kind of rehearsal. Another thing is that it was the first time I made something with asparagus. In Turkey it's very challenging to find fresh asparagus. And I didn't!!! But still I was so eager to take part into this week's 'Skanios savaites' challange, that I bought some pickled ones. That's why to make the most of the situation I used fresh turkey breast and smoked turkey breast, plus, I grilled it and glazed with peach and soya sauce glaze. Tasted really good!!! Still, I believe with fresh asparagus, it would have tasted even better!

What we need:

1 turkey breast
100 gr of smoked turkey breast
5 pickled or fresh asparagus
salt and pepper to taste
some fresh rosemary
1 lemon juice
2 tbps of peach jam
1 tbsp of water
1 tbps of soya sauce

What we have to do:

1. Cut turkey breast into slices horizontally. I made 5 slices. Season with salt and pepper and chopped rosemary. Hammer each piece to make it thin and easy to roll.
2. Take a slice of turkey breast, add a slice of smoked turkey breast and one asparagus. Roll it into a roll. If necessary use a toothpick to keep the shape. It depends on how well the breast was beaten. Drizzle some lemon juice on.
3. Prepare the glaze by mixing peach jam with water and soya sauce.
4. Preheat the grill and place the rolls. Grill for 3 min on each side. Brush with the glaze.
5. Serve with vegetable salad. Enjoy!!!
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