Strawberry tart to celebrate strawberry season in Turkey!

Whenever I see strawberries I have this wild temptation to grab as mush as possible and to eat it... ALL at once!!! These days in Turkey's markets and supermarkets you can get relly tasty strawberries. Not the ones which just look like straberries but are bland or taste like water! The tasty ones!!! So as I had almost enough of fresh strawberries, today I decided to make something with them. I guess it's too early for jams... So if there is no danger of developing any rash on your body, have a look at what I've made. I haven't even cut it yet as it's in the fridge... waiting for the evening and my hubby... :)

What we need:

For the tart crust:
200gr butter
200ml of sugar
400ml flour
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of milk or yoghurt
a pinch of salt
1 tbps of vanilla extract

For the yoghurt filling:
500ml of natural or strawberry yoghurt
250gr of strawberries
4 tbps of sugar ( if you use natural yoghurt)
1-2 leaves of fresh mint
1 tbps of jelatin

For the topping:
250 gr of strawberries
1 pack of tart jelly ( used Dr.Oerteker)
200ml of water
2 tbsp of lemon or orange juice
mint for decoration

What we have to do:

1. With the help of food processor or with your hands mix butter, sugar, salt and flour until they are crumbled. Add 2 eggs, 1 tbsp of milk, vanilla extract and baking powder. Mix it well, place it into a clean plastic bag and put it into a fridge for 40 min. Then take it out, roll a round shape and place into a tart dish. Use a fork to make some holes into the pad of the tart. Then preheat the oven and bake for 30 min in 180C. Leave it until it gets cool.

2. Blend 250gr of strawberries, mint and sugar in a blender. Put jelatin into 100ml of warm water. 10 min later melt jelatin under a steaming water. Mix blended strawberries with yoghurt, then add already a bit cooled melted jelatin. Mix it well and pour into a tart. Don't pour completely to the top. Leave some place for other strawberried. Then put the tart into a fridge for 30 min.

3. Take the tart out of the fridge. Decorate with sliced strawberries. Then mix a pack of tart jelly with 200ml of water and a drizzle of lemon or orange juice. Let it simmer for 1 min. Then cool it and with a spoon pour it over strawberries on the tart. Put it into a fridge for one more hour and serve!!!

I was impatient and had to cut a piece...

And it tasted really strawberryyyyy.....!!!


  1. Thanks for visiting FOODalogue and leaving a comment. You've got a really interesting blog with some great recipes. I'll be back again!

  2. Pirmosios braškės, kurių šiemet ragavau, buvo iš Turkijos atvežtos. Bet nelabai skanios, turbūt likusios tos, kurių tu nesuvalgei, nes VISOS geriausios netilpo... :)))

  3. Visko gali buti!!! :D Bet siaip tai tik pries kokias dvi savaites skanios braskes pasirode. Anksciau buvo, bet tokios beskones!

  4. Žinai, aš tau Turkijoj pavydžiu vaisių ir daržovių pasirinkimo. Žinoma, mūsų maximos irgi nuo jų lūžta, tačiau jūs turit šviežumą, o mes - kas liko nuo jūsų, ispanų, italų ir panašių :)

  5. Na taip, bet jus turit raugintus kopustelius, skanius marinuotus agurkus, o cia tik kazkokie rugsciam mirkale ismirkyti!!! Kaip sakoma visur gerai, kur musu nera! :)

  6. Sugalvojau, darom mainus :) Aš tau agurkėlius marinuotus, kopūstėlius, lašinius, tu man braškes, melionus ir persikus :))

  7. Oi neprisikalbek, nes sugundysi ir turesi vargo su manim! :D

  8. Ot ir prisikalbėsiu :))
    Suku ratus aplink tavo pyragą, suku, bet gal pavyks susilaikyt ir sulaukt lietuviškų braškių derliaus :)

  9. Where did you find the jelatin?

  10. I brought it from Lithuania. But nowadays you can find a kind of jelatin in bigger Carrefours!


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