A weekend away - Çanakkale

I love having weekends away!!! And I absolutely loved our last weekend away to Çanakkale - a northwestern province of Turkey. Sometimes Çanakkale is called small Istanbul as it is situated on both European and Asian parts and is connected/ seperated by Dardanelles strait. But this area is most known for archeological site of Troy. That's why the most popular names of hotels, restaurants or shops are Truva ( eng. Troy) and the most popular symbol is Troy horse. If you expect to see the Troy horse you may be surprised to see even two!!! One is in the centre of Çanakkale ( given as a present to the city by Warner Bross production after shooting the movie 'Troy') and the second one - in the archeological park about 20km from the city, which was built mainly for adventurous children. Definitely there's no historical value in those horses so if you ever go to this area, be sure there's mush more to see than the famous Troy Horse! European part of Çanakkale is popular among Turkish people as there are many monuments, cemetaries and statues of soldiers who died in 1915 battles.

What I enjoyed most of all was the nature. As it's late spring no, all the flowers show its beauty making fields so colourful, even the mountains pleased my eyes with hundreds shades of green, and of course the amazing colours of the Marmara and Aegean seas.
Speaking about the food, it doesn't differ from other areas of Turkey - you can enjoy different varieties of kebabs, döners, köfte, great fresh bread, simit, poğaça, baklava, kadayif and so on. But I can't imagine eating anything when you are in a seaside resort if not seafood. So below, a quick snap of Saturday dinner.


  1. everything looks so wonderful. Glad you had a nice trip.

  2. Thank you!!! The weather was great and I had wonderful time!!!

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