Do I like tuna?

Initially I was planning to name this dish radish and tuna carpaccio, but after trying it, I'm not sure any more. Don't get me wrong - I just love canned tuna, I love sushi with tuna, and I even liked this dish but with well-done tuna. When I saw beautiful tuna steaks in our local supermarket, I knew what I was going to make. For more than 2 years I've been waiting for the moment I literally find fresh tuna in a supermarket. I loved looking at the photos of tuna steaks and all great comments and advice that properly done tuna is pink in the middle. Cooking time is 15-20 seconds on each side ( for small pieces). So that was exactly what I did - seasoned, and fried according to numerous advice I'd found. The tuna pieces were beautifully pink and looked exactly like in the photo of one old magazine. But I couldn't enjoy raw fish. Sorry all gurmet food lovers or foodies, but I don't like raw tuna. It must be done, very well done. So after taking some photos and once again finished frying tuna and only then I completely enjoyed it - well-done mini tuna steaks!!! And for dinner I am making well-done tuna with soya beans. My hubby will like it too! Have a lovely day!!!

What we need:
1 tuna steak, cut into stripes
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp of wasabi paste
2 tbsp of chopped fresh mint and parsley
some vegetable oil
1 big radish
1 small red onion
1 tbsp of balsamic vinagar
1/2 lemon juice

What we have to do:

1. Peel red onion and cut into small pieces. Fry onion with some oil, season with salt and pepper. Add balsamic vinegar and sliced radish. Add lemon juice and some chopped parsley. Leave it for 10 min.
2. Season tuna stripes with salt and pepper, preheat the pan or gril and grill for 15-20 seconds on each side ( or longer if you are like me!). Take out of the pan and roll in wasabi paste and then roll in chopped fresh mint and parsley. Slice into pieces and serve with pickled radish salad. Enjoy!!!
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  1. I wish I loved tuna. These do look perfect.

  2. Taste is a very personal thing. I can eat the tuna, but could not swallow an oyster to save my life. Go figure :-). Have a great day.

  3. This looks amazing! We love cooking tuna.


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