Grilled eggplant appetizer

I must confess that recently I got very interested in a South Beach Diet. I heard about it first when I was trying to loose some kilos before my wedding. But at that time it wasn't the best choise because during the winter season Lithuanians don't eat many fresh vegetables and I had a very busy lifestyle. That's why I chose another diet which was very successful. However, changing living place and the joy of being able to try baklava every day, put many kilos back. Now it's time to go back on the track, but with a different attitude towards eating and healthy lifestyle. So for a start I decided to try some dished made from the list of products that are on 'Things to enjoy' list. And I love them so far. It's far too early to boast about any achievements but if you ever think of trying some of the dishes, have a look at Kalyn's blog - a great blog which helps me to be motivated and to believe that healthy food is still delicious!

What we need:

1 eggplant
1-2 roasted and peeled red peppers
1 cucumber
0,5 of onion
some parsley
1 tbsp of low fat cream cheese
1 tbsp of rice vinegar

What we have to do:

1. Slice eggplant and grill until tender inside.
2. Cut onion, roasted pepper and peeled cucumber. Mix with salt and pepper, parsley, vinegar and cream cheese ( you can also use crumbled feta cheese).
3. Put a tablespoon of roasted pepper and cucumber relish on a slice of grilled eggplant, garnish with parsley and serve!!! Enjoy!
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