Beylik Market in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul ( Beylik Pazarı)

Whenever I'm planning a visit in Lithuania, I always go to some Turkish markets to get some unusual ingredients so that I could prepare something unusual for my mum. This time I went for dried fruits and molases, but I couldn't ignore some other delicious Turkish deligts. Have a look at some photos I took.

Below you can see pickled grape leaves! Can you imagine Turkish cuisine without 'yaprak sarma' or stuffed grape leaves? I can't!!!
A good thing about Turkey is that you can get a great variety of various greens all year round!

Autumn speciality - pickled vegetables!

I couldn't resist pickled peppers stuffed with cheese.

A variety of Turkish cheeses, a pile of yufka or homemade phillo dough, and spicy sausage!
Loads of Mediterranean region olives!!! They are just perfect!!!
Tarhana powder - a key ingredient for a traditional Turkish soup - Tarhanası çorbası - a mix of flour and sun-dried vegetables and homemade dried noodles.
Tangerine season is here!!!
Huges piles of various pears! Those are said to be from Ankara. Not the best looking ones, but they taste great!!!

Autumn vegetables and fruits.

Super delicious pomegranates and quince.

Yes, it's not just Great Pazzar and Spice Market in Istanbul!!! Have a nice day!!!

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