It's great to win!!!

I love winning even if I won't be able to enjoy the prize. During October, one Lithuanian popular website www. was hosting Gourmet month which included writing various articles about unusual ingredients ( I mean unusual compared to Lithuanian taste buds) and arranging various recipe competitions. Unfortunately, Lithuanians are not very into taking part into such competitions as there were up to 15 participants in each competition. Some competitions are due to finish on 12th of November, but the winners of two competitions ( one-bite snacks and gourmet sauce) were announced yesterday evening. So I'm happy to boast about the fact that I've won in one-bite snack competition. Just still I don't know what I exactly won as the site wrote that 'Jolita is gets the third prize', but my photos and recipes are classified as the second place prize. So until they find out the mistake, I won't know. Anyway, it really doesn't matter as I just enjoyed the idea of winning something and I know that I won't be able to enjoy those 200 or 250 litas dinner or wine tasting in one of Lithuanian restaurant. It's just so not on the way... at least I have a Christmas present to some of my friend... Below have a look at the snacks I sent to one-bite snack recipe competition.

The first one is a kind of Waldorf salad served on celery stalks.
The second trotilla cups filled with spicy cream cheese and fried calmar stripes.
The last one - previously posted potato cups with flavoured cream cheese.

P.S. Have a look at the snacks which are the winners. I really liked the cream cheese balls with a grape rolled in pistachio flakes. Great idea and I'm sure it tastes great!!! I already know what I'll serve for my hubby's birthday!!!
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  1. sveikinimai .)
    smagiausia, turbūt, ne tas laimėtas vizitas į restoraną, o tai, kad darbas įvertintas, ar ne?

  2. Zinoma!!! Restoranu nepasimegausiu, nes nors ir busiu Lietuvoje viena savaite lapkricio pabaigoje, bet busiu labai uzsiemusi, tai nusprendziau padovanoti ta kvietima draugams, kurie turi laiko atsiimti apdovanojima uz mane! Tik juokingas man delfi darbas, nes nors parase, kad istaise klaida, bet vis dar rodo su klaida, na mano vardas laimejo 3 vieta, bet kazkodel nuotraukos vis dar rodo, kad 2 vieta. Taigi tiesiog megaujuosi, kad kazkam visgi patiko, nes realiai tikrai mazai zmoniu dalyvavo tuose konkursuose, o gaila, nes tiek daug lietuvisku blogeriu yra, kurie tikrai daug sedevru galetu pateikti!!!

  3. I remember those little cups and I still love them.
    Congrats on your win!


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