Potage Veloute aux Champignons or creamy mushroom soup

After watching Julie&Julia, I had a kind of curiosity about Julia Child's cooking. I must admit I heard about her only when the first film trailors appeared on the Internet. So I finally have Julia Child' s book 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' and tried several recipes. The first one was this creamy mushroom soup. I'm sure you know her famous quote that 'there is never too much of butter', but I think this time it was a bit too much for me as I use butter only in baking and generally prefer lean food. Anyway, the soup was really tasty, though a bit time-consuming. But I guess I'll stick to simple vegetable soups next time which had less butter.

What we need:

40 gr minced onions
6-7 tbsp of butter
3 tbsp of flour
6 cups of chicken stock
2 parsley springs
1/8 tbsp og thyme
salt and pepper to taste
440 gr of fresh mushrooms
1 lemon juice
2 egg yolks
120 ml of cream
optional: some more mushroom for garnish
3 tbsp of chopped parsley ( I used dill for garnish)

What we have to do:

1. Cook onions in 3 tbsp of butter for 8-10 min until soft but not browned.
2. Add flour and stir over moderate heat for 3 minutes.
3. Off the heat, mix in chicken stock and add mushroom stems. Simmer for 20 min. Skimming occasionally.
4. Melt 2 tbsp of butter in a pan and toss in mushrooms, salt and lemon juice. Cover and cook slowly for 5 min.
5. Pour the mushrooms into the soup and simmer for 10 min.(When mushrooms were done, I blended the soup.)
6. Beat egg yolks and cream in a seperate bowl. Slowly add one cup of soup. Mix it well. Then add all the cream and soup mix into the rest of the soup and heat it up for 2-3 min but do not let it simmer.
7. Off the heat, mix in the rest of the butter. Garnish with optional fried mushrooms and herbs.
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