Spicy carrot and cauliflower soup

This soup was really warming and it helped to push away the cooling weather in Istanbul ( today it's about +14C)so well . Anyway, I really got into soups recently as they are so pleasing, fulling and really easy to make...

What we need:

4-5 medium carrots
about a quarter of a medium cauliflower
1 potato
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic
a bunch of dill and parsley
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil
a pinch of nutmeg
1 green chilli
some red pepper flakes
about 2 litres of chicken or vegetable stock ( it can be more, depending how thick you want), or water

What we have to do:

1. Clean, peel and chop vegetables.
2. Preheat a pot with some oil. Add onion and garlic. Fry until soft but not brown of about 3 min.
3. Then add potatoes, chilli and carrots. Fry for 5 min. Stir time from time.
4. Add cauliflower and vegetable stock, season with salt and pepper, nutmeg. Bring the pot to boil and simmer for about 8 min or until vegetables are soft.
5. Add herbs and remove from heat. Puree with a hand held blender. Correct the seasoning, add some red pepper flakes. Serve hot with fresh bread or croutons!!!
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