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Happy New Year!!! and croquembouche photo!

Getting ready for Croquembouche


Flavoured cheese balls

A warm appetizer - chicken slices wrapped in smoked bacon

Getting ready for New Year's Eve - fig and smoked turkey appetizer

Herring with pickled vegetables

Broccoli soup with blue cheese

Chocolate truffles

Miss chicken with roasted butternut squash

Sunday in Taksim - the heart of Istanbul

Planning Christmas Eve Dinner the Lithuanian way and Turkish börek

Hungarian goulash with roasted butternut squash

Cookie bars with chocolate chips and cranberries

Spiced appie pie with caramel sauce

Ricotta Dumplings with spicy sausage, mushrooms and sage

Crispy Fried Black Sea Salmon

Sweet Potatoes with soy glaze

Getting ready for Christmas Eve or Lithuanian 'virtiniai' with dried wild mushrooms