Flavoured cheese balls

For breakfast I decided to try some ideas that I'm planning to make for New Year's Eve party! So called reahearsal... :D
What we need:
cream cheese ( it can also be mixed with crumbled feta or cheddar cheese, flavoured with garlic or herbs, seasoned with salt and pepper)

for secret filling:
olives or grapes or a piece of blue cheese or cherry tomatoes or small chilli peppers

for topping:
pistachio nuts
paprika and ground permesan cheese mix
finely chopped herbs ( parsley, dill, basil)
wallnut, etc.

What we have to do:
1. The first thing you have to do is to use your imagination and then start creating mini cheese balls. If you are adventurous make them spicy or herbed or garlicy.
2. To make it more surprising fill cheese balls with various fillings - olives, grapes, cherry tomatoes, chilli peppers, or any pickles. Use your imagination so your guests would be surprised by each bite!
3. Coat cheese balls with your favourite balls to get different flavours and colours. Let them sit and cool before serving! And they can be perfectly made one day ahead! Enjoy!
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  1. Amazing idea! I will try them. Thanks :)

  2. A very my style appetizer! Im so grateful for this idea? Are these balls popular with Turks?

  3. No, turkish prefer simple food and I think they would find it weird if I served cheese like that.


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