Getting ready for Christmas Eve or Lithuanian 'virtiniai' with dried wild mushrooms

On Wednesday I came back to Istanbul. The good thing is that it is much warmer in here as Lithuanian weather was very depressing with cloudy sky and rain most of the days. Another good thing is that I brought many Lithuanian ingredients which Iam going to use for Christmas Eve dinner. In Lithuania, Christmas Eve dinner is really important and very special as twelve meatless dishes must be prepared. So as I brought some dried wild mushrooms, I made one of my favourite Christmas Eve dinner dishes - dumplings or 'virtiniai' ( as Lithuanians call them) with dried wild mushrooms. I just wanted to check if my husband would eat it as it is really different from what Turkish are used to eat. Luckily he liked it and I'll definitely make it again for Christmas Eve dinner. Really looking forward!!!

What we need:

for the dough:

500 gr flour
1 egg
1 tbsp of oil ( optional)
100 ml of water or milk

for filling:

100 gr of dried wild mushrooms
1 onion
vegetable oil
salt and pepper
bay leaf

for garnish:

2 onions

What we have to do:

1. Pour boiling water over dried mushrooms and leave it for 2-3 hours. Then boil for 10 min.
2. Mix the dough ingredients and knead for 5-7 minutes until the dough is smooth. Cover it and let it rest for 30 min.
3. Chop the onion and fry it with some oil, then add boiled and chopped mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper, add bay leaf. Fry for 3-5 minutes. Then remove the bay leaf and let it cool.
4. Roll the dough. Take a glass and cut out as many circles as you can, add some filling on each, fold it into a half moon and press the sides carefully. Place each dumpling onto a floured surface.
5. Bring a pot of water to boil and season with salt. Add the dumplings. Mix them gently. When they get to the top of the pot ( after 2-3 min) carefuly remove the dumplings and let it rest. Now you can serve with fried onions or let it cool and fry them to make them crispier and then serve with some fried onions. It's all the matter of taste! Enjoy!!!
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