Getting ready for New Year's Eve - fig and smoked turkey appetizer

I've already started thinking what I'm going to serve for the New Year's eve. I just know that I really don't want to spend all day cooking as I REALLY want to enjoy the celebration not just to wait for the midnight just to go to bed as soon as possible. This year I'll definitely make small easy bite sized appetizers. Here's one that I tried this morning. Very easy, looks good and tastes great!

What we need:

sliced smoked turkey breast ( you can try ham, or any other type of meat)
dried figs
rocket leaves or any other a bit bitter lettuce
permesan ( optional)

What you have to do:

1. Place a rocket leaf, place a stripe of meat, put them through the skewer, then add a half of fig and then again go through the rocket and the meat.
2. Place the appetizers on the plate and you can add some shaved permesan cheese. Enjoy!!!

Easy peasy!!!
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