Sunday in Taksim - the heart of Istanbul

I love going out despite the cold weather or rain. That was exactly what happened last Sunday. It was quite cold in the morning. At 11 am you could even see some snowflakes falling. However, at 1 pm it stopped and when we got to Taksim, the rain stopped. So the first thing we did was simple - we found a lovely cafe and have a cup of salep and some sesame buns with cheese and ground beef. It was really warming.

Then we walked along the busiest street in Istanbul - Istikklar Street and looked how it is getting ready for New Year's Eve ( personally I call it Christmas preparations :D ).Stepped by in St. Ann's Chuch - a very cosy catholical church ( if you are in Istanbul next weekend, come to listen to Christmas carols in the evening!) And of course we did some window shopping and later on drank some coffee in one of the best coffee places in Turkey - Gloria Jean's Coffee.Couldn't miss going to fresh fish market although it was so small. Most probably because of cool weather. And went to buy some vanilla sticks in a tiny spice shop. Saw some spices that I hadn't even heard before! One thing was true - you live and learn!!!
Here's the Christmas Tree being decorated... I bet it looks gorgeous late in the evening!

Have a peaceful Christmas time!!!

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