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Moroccan-Spiced Chicken

Jool's favourite Saturday afternoon pasta can become yours!

Turkey cutlets with sauteed brussel sprouts and mushrooms

Fried rice with mushrooms and soya beans

Happy 1st Birthday to my blog! And velvet cupcakes

Culinary tour around the world-2010: Nicaraguan breakfast

Tuna panini stripes and a strange feeling

Lemon bars or tart

Stuffed leek

Leek and potato soup

Thai banana fritters with sesame seeds

Turkish winter classic - Kapuska

Culinary Tour 2010: El Salvador

Cooking locally - chickpeas, rice and chicken

A Good Salad

Asian dumpling soup

Redondo fish wraps

Gorditas with salsa

Fiery Dan Dan noodles

Jiǎozi - Chinese dumplings and potstickers

Mexican breakfast by Jamie Oliver

Pomegranate and bulgur salad