Tuna panini stripes and a strange feeling

Since the early morning I haven't been into cooking at all and after evidencing pedestrian overpass collapse just next to my house ( Istanbul, Beylikdüzü), I am still in a bit of a shock. Luckily there are no casualties, but still one man was injured. It really brought a kind of strange feeling...

Now as the evening is coming and the motorway is being cleaned up and the traffic is improving, time to think of something easy but filling. So time for breakfast or I should say lunch...

What we need:

2 slices of wholeweat bread
olive oil
1 tbsp of canned tuna fish
1 slice of cheese

for serving ( optional):
1-2 fried or poached eggs
some lettuce or baby spinach leaves

What we have to do:

1. Brush toast bread with olive oil and add tuna with a slice of cheese. Put in a hot panini maker and press it. Toast until light brown.
2.Cut panini into stripes. If you want, serve them with fried eggs and some spinach, and a cup of tea. Enjoy!

Have a safe day!

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