Turkey cutlets with sauteed brussel sprouts and mushrooms

Shops are loaded with cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli. So it's really the best time to enjoy all of them. And that's exactly what I'm doing almost every day! This time boiled and sauteed brussel sprouts with mushrooms and turkey cutlets.

What we need:

1 turkey breast
2 tbsp of flour
½ teaspoon of paprika powder
salt and pepper
½ tbsp of dried rosemary
½ tbsp of dried oregano
olive oil

for sauteed brussel sprouts:

300-400 gr brussel sprouts
200 gr of mushrooms
1 onion
2 tbsp of butter
salt and pepper
a pinch of oregano

What we have to do:

1. Take paprika powder, salt and pepper, dried rosemary and oregano and crush it into powder. Then mix it with flour.
2. Cut turkey breast into 4-6 slices ( depends on the size of the breast), flatten them with some heavy tool. Roll the pieces into spiced flour and fry in olive oil for 4-5 minutes on each side.
3. Cut brussel sprouts in half and boil for 4 minutes in boiling water.
4. Chop the onion and fry with a bit of oil, then add sliced mushrooms and butter. Saute for 5 minutes, then add boiled and drained brussel sprouts. Add salt and pepper, oregano, mix it and turn the heat off.
5. Serve turkey cutlets with the vegetables. Enjoy!
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