Sweet bars for lazy ones

When summer is outside and the temperature is above +30C, it would be crazy to turn the oven on, so if you are longing for a sweet delight, no-bake bars are what you need.

What we need:

150 ml of sweet condenced milk
200gr of white chocolate
30 gr of dried fruit ( sour cherries or cranberries work so well in here!)
13 double chocolate biscuits

What we have to do:

1. Break the chocolate into smaller pieces and pour over the condenced milk. Put the bowl in a pot with water and melt the chocolate above a hot water steam.
2. Break the biscuits and mix with dried fruit.
3. Pour melted chocolate over the biscuits and fruit, mix it.
4. Put cling film onto a tray, pour all the biscuit mix. Flatten it all and cover with a cling film. Put into a fridge for 3-4 hours until the chocolate hardens again. Cut into bars and serve! Enjoy!
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  1. Love that it is not only no-bake, but also only 4 ingredients - looks delicious!


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