Hungry in Yalıkavak

Yes, we went on holiday and we were hungry! I could have closed myself in a nice kitchen of a summer house or go to a restaurant. I did cook but you know what happens during the last days in summer houses - you don't want to load the fridge with food, so you just go out. My hubby and I had a lovely stroll around a small town Yalikavak, about 20km from Bodrum, Turkey and remembered reading an article about Kavaklı Köfteçi ( could be translated as Kavaklı, the meatball maker) a small restaurant in the heart of Yalıkavak. So we couldn't just leave it, so went and had a taste of the famous meatballs. They were tasty and fire roasted tomatoes and peppers were even better accompanied with shepherd's salad. The place is very simple but really worth coming if you are a big fan meatballs. Have a look at some photos.

After having a nice dinner we had a walk in Yalıkavak Art Street and went back home to watch Lithuania/Serbia basketball semi-final and Turkey/ the USA final matches.

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  1. Žiūriu į nuotrauką ir galvoju... gal tu kartais kilusi iš Kėdainių? Kažkaip labai priminei vieną merginą, kurios vardas irgi Jolita :)

  2. mažas tas pasaulis :) stebiu seniai tavo blogą, bet iš į profilį įdėtos nuotraukos nepažinau ir tik šiandien akys atsivėrė :D


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