Where not to eat in Bodrum

How come we managed to choose the worst place to have a fish dish in Bodrum, a town with hundreds great sea food restaurants!!!It's all about my eating routine. If you go to a fresh food restaurant, you'll be served appetizers ( adorable!) fish and of course then you'll want some raki or wine and it will take hours to have a small lunch. My hubby was driving, so no raki or wine for him. So we passed stalls of beautiful fresh seafood and landed in a Nordsee fast food restaurant. It looked quite welcoming and wasn't crowded so we rushed to order a bowl of fish soup, fish bagel for my husband, and salad to share.

What could be said about the food - soup tasted like a kind of lentil soup with some fish flakes, salad looked really nice on the top but lettuce leaves were very sad on the bottom as if taken straight out of a plastic bag ( I'm sure it was store bought mix of Mediterranean lettuce) and had no dressing at all. Waiters didn't even bother to recommend a dressing so we had to find some ourselves - some lemon juice and olive oil. Still we ate only shrimps and tomatoes as they were the freshest ingredients in the bowl.

Bagel was ok as what can you expect from a fast food restaurant...

We agreed never to go to the same place again as many Turkish restaurants, even if they look mush simpler, have much more to offer! On the way to our summer house we stopped to have a lovely cup of coffee in the best ice-cream heaven - MADO!!! ( I didn't eat ice-cream that time...)

For dinner we decided to grill some lovely fresh sea bass in our terrace with some great fresh rocket and a bottle of wine from Selçuk.

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